SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.1 out now

Microsoft has released SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.1 for preview, excited to try it out.

  • Now available on Linux as well along with Windows.
  • SQL Server Integration Services on Linux
  • Updated SQL Server Tooling – mssql-scripter toolDBFS tool
  • New lightweight installer for SQL Server Reporting Services

Download it now: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/evaluate-sql-server-2017-ctp/



Sharing experience of Microsoft build 15 seminar (Mumbai)

8th June 2015, Monday….started early (5:45 AM) to attend Microsoft’s build 15 seminar in Mumbai.



The seminar was hosted by 3 key members…

Pete Brown – Technical Evangelist
Shen Chauhan – Senior Program Manager
KiranKumar Balijepalli – Senior Program Manager

The seminar was mainly focused on deep dive into Windows 10 developer platform for app & web developers wherein Pete Brown, Shen Chauhan demonstrated multiple platforms, new features in Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015 features such as UWP, Machine Learning API, Cassandra, IOT, Raspberry pi technology. The main learning area was Universal Windows Platform (UWP), that can run across wide variety of devices, which provides the guaranteed core API layer across devices. You can create a single app package that can be installed onto a wide range of devices. Pete Brown & Shen Chauhan demonstrated some of the good coding sessions & exciting demos which helped a lot to understand new features and advantages.



I was expecting more about Cloud technology. However, KiranKumar covered bit of Microsoft Azure wherein he elaborated more about the SQL Azure, NOSQL data management services such as Cassandra, DocumentDB, MongoDB. Also, covered a very quick overview on Azure Data lake Service, Elastic SQL Database Pool for azure.

Overall, it was informative seminar wherein I personally come to know about many new things that Microsoft was working on and also planning in near feature . Thanks to Microsoft for bringing in Build 15 in Mumbai!

Check How Old are you? by Microsoft.

Moving up the corporate ladder

Climbing the corporate ladder takes more than just working longer, harder and smarter.

Wow….! It’s an excellent feeling when you move up the corporate ladder. I am thankful for everyone without your support and guideance I won’t be able to reach these heights.

You do what is right and focus on the positive..and when the right time comes what you want is just a natural next step.

SQL Server Long Drive!

Every one of us must have started their career path in SQL server from some version. But very few of us hold the knowledge of when Microsoft gave birth to the SQL Server. Even I was not the exception for this, but long back I attended one session in Ahmadabad by Pinal Dave who shared the very great information on SQL Server birth and its childhood. Today I am thankful to him and also feeling honour to share such history with all of you. It not a big deal if you don’t know the history (“How many of us know the history of our great leaders?). But I am telling you guys Microsoft has taken a very long drive with SQL server. Rather than saying anything I would prefer go through this link this speaks more than my words…


I am Back.

Hello everyone, First of all thanks for reading my blog.  It’s been always a wonderful experience to share knowledge through this blog.

It’s been a long time I was away from my blog which was kept bugging me all the time. But now I am back again to share Technical and Non-technical stuff, so please bare with me :).