Microsoft Virtual Academy revamped



Microsoft Virtual Academy revamped !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can find all new online courses by Microsoft every week. The best part is choose your area of interest and just deep dive. so start learning….



Sharing experience of Microsoft build 15 seminar (Mumbai)

8th June 2015, Monday….started early (5:45 AM) to attend Microsoft’s build 15 seminar in Mumbai.



The seminar was hosted by 3 key members…

Pete Brown – Technical Evangelist
Shen Chauhan – Senior Program Manager
KiranKumar Balijepalli – Senior Program Manager

The seminar was mainly focused on deep dive into Windows 10 developer platform for app & web developers wherein Pete Brown, Shen Chauhan demonstrated multiple platforms, new features in Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015 features such as UWP, Machine Learning API, Cassandra, IOT, Raspberry pi technology. The main learning area was Universal Windows Platform (UWP), that can run across wide variety of devices, which provides the guaranteed core API layer across devices. You can create a single app package that can be installed onto a wide range of devices. Pete Brown & Shen Chauhan demonstrated some of the good coding sessions & exciting demos which helped a lot to understand new features and advantages.



I was expecting more about Cloud technology. However, KiranKumar covered bit of Microsoft Azure wherein he elaborated more about the SQL Azure, NOSQL data management services such as Cassandra, DocumentDB, MongoDB. Also, covered a very quick overview on Azure Data lake Service, Elastic SQL Database Pool for azure.

Overall, it was informative seminar wherein I personally come to know about many new things that Microsoft was working on and also planning in near feature . Thanks to Microsoft for bringing in Build 15 in Mumbai!

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