Mentorship – The Importance of a Mentor

When we listen to this word the very first thing comes in our mind is “A Person who can guide/advice/help us because they are more experience”. Mentorship refers to personal developmental relationship in which more experience person or more knowledgable person helps the lesser one.
Mentors provide expertise to less experienced individuals to help them advance their careers, enhance their education, and build their networks. In many different areas people have benefited from being part of a mentoring relationship.

Each one of us must have benefited directly or indirectly by Mentor who guide us through our professional or personal life. For example most of us “Mother” would always be a mentor in our life.

In overall my professional career I found a very good Mentors with a good friends such as Mohit Dwivedi, Sanjiv Shah.

Dear Readers! you must be thinking why suddenly I am talking about all this. Recently I came across the wonderful blog by Jonathan Kehayias who explains us the “The Importance of a Mentor” in our professional career by which I am very much impressed and thought about sharing with you.

Happy Reading and be a good Mentor!


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