Single separator to split the string

Every application has some database requirement where Application developer or Database developer or DBAs has to split the string in different ways as per the requirements. In this article I am sharing some string splitter functions to work on it.

Input = Input String, Criteria separator, Conditional separator
Output = Returns the table which contains separated string for given inputs

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[SplitString]


      @StringToSplit    VARCHAR(4000),

      @Separator        VARCHAR(1)




      WITH indices AS

      (     SELECT 0 S, 1 E

            UNION ALL

            SELECT E, CHARINDEX(@Separator, @StringToSplit, E) + LEN(@Separator)

            FROM indices

            WHERE E > S


      SELECT      SUBSTRING(@StringToSplit,S,

                  CASE WHEN E > LEN(@Separator) THEN e-s-LEN(@Separator) ELSE LEN(@StringToSplit) - s + 1 END) String

                  ,S StartIndex

      FROM  indices WHERE S >0


How to execute = SELECT * FROM dbo.[SplitString] ('A,b,c', ',')

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