Robocopy – powerful tool for delta copy paste

Robocopy – powerful tool included with the Microsoft Windows Server® 2003 Resource Kit Tools. Microsoft has provided the wonderful functionality of ‘Copy-paste'(moving a document/contents from one directory to another), but as you know this is all manual work. IT people are always looks for any automated tool that helps them to reduce the work cost & improve their productivity in day to day activity. For example DBA always look for the automated tool. DBA’s we always face the problem of moving / copy-pasting backup files / reports from one location to another. 

Here we go for the Solutions; Microsoft has introduced the new tool which allows us to either copy-paste or moves the files from one location to another, called ROBOCOPY. This tool was introduced earlier but many people’s are aware of this tool. This tool provides automation in copy-paste/ moves the files or contents of folder from one location to another. The main advantage of this tool is it copies only delta between source path & destination path. 

Here is the more information on this tool…


2 thoughts on “Robocopy – powerful tool for delta copy paste

  1. I like Robocopy too but I needed something that would copy only the difference of my databases from day to day. So I ended up with backupchain because copying 100GB+ every day is just too much

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